My Religion Is Constitution: Pradeep Khatri

Advocate Pradeep Khatri

New Delhi, July 28 : Delhi based lawyer Pradeep Khatri recently spoke to our correspondent in which he naratted how he struggled to achieve what he is in life.

Pradeep is known among top lawyers in Delhi and he has appeared in a number of cases. He said lawyer as a career was a God Chosen path for him.

“God means my father, it is what my father wanted me to be,” said Mr Khatri.

Early life: He said that he cleared his XII in second attempt as at that time he was not paying attention to his studies. “My English was poor. Out of terror of my father I started focusing on my weakness. I was admitted to a different school. And it changed everything,” said Mr Khatri.

LLB: He completed his LLB in 2006 from kurukshetra university but started practicing from 2010.
“Things fell into place and I became a successful lawyer,” he said.

FIR against Ashutosh: Pradeep said that he helped his client in getting an FIR lodged against then AAP leader Ashutosh for his remark on Mahatama Gandhi. The case is still pending before Rohini Court.

Bar Election: Pradeep said he was only focusing on Bar election. In 2014 he contested and won Executive Member post. In 2021 he got elected as an Additional Secretary.

Politics: He said that he didn’t want to join any party and was focusing to be more successful lawyer. “As of now I haven’t thought about entering politics.Let’s see how things shape up,” he said.

Helping Nature: Pradeep formed a trust Lawyers for Lawyers through which he helped lawyers during Covid waves. “I was getting distress calls from lawyers. Things were very severe. I decided to reach out to my fraternity. Through Lawyers for Lawyers we provided rations to our brothers,” he said. Pradeep has also set up a library for LLB students and lawyers in Rohini sector 24.

Youth needs guidance: Talking about youths he said that youths needed guidance. “They’re misguided missiles. We need to take care of them,” he said.

Religion: He said his religion was Constitution. “It’s all about karma. We should create harmony,” he said. Message: Pradeep said every one should live life in a worthy manner.

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