Door Step Delivery scheme of Kejriwal Government is fraud with the people of Delhi – Manoj Tiwari

Delhi BJP President Shri Manoj Tiwari has said that the Door Step Delivery scheme of Kejriwal Government is fraud with the people of Delhi. Chief Minister is praising himself for providing door step delivery of services but the reality is quite contrary to it. This scheme has completely failed and the people are not getting services like issuance of certificates etc. The AAP workers have benefitted under the Door Step Delivery Scheme, the people of Delhi are complaining that there turn in the call centers does not come and even if the turn comes the Assistance Officers don’t reach their house.

Shri Tiwari also said that when the Central Government is already providing these services through Common Service Centers to the people, Chief Minister Kejriwal should answer why he is trying to run parallel scheme like Door Step Delivery. This is an important part of the National E-Governance Scheme of Modi Government and more than 1 lakh such center are being setup under public-private-partnership so that the people may get the services and it may also become a centre of self employment.

Shri Tiwari further said that the objective of National E-Governance scheme is to provide all the Government services at cheap rates. The department of information and technology is opening Common Service Centers for this purpose. In one CAC, services connected with the Government, private sectors and social sectors for telecom, agriculture, health, education, entertainment, FMGC product, banking and financial service, issuance of certificates and payment of utilities bills are provided. Government plans to provide more than 300 services through the CAC in the coming days.

Shri Tiwari said that the Central Government is already providing services for insurance, power, recharge, Aadhar, financial, travel, health, education, skill, water supply etc. Chief Minister Kejriwal in place of providing services under Door Step Delivery scheme is busy in self promotion by affixing big hoardings and posters. The Chief Minister must answer who has given him the rights for self promotion at the cost of the public exchequer. After coming to power, Delhi BJP will in coordination with the Central Government provide all types of services through Common Service Centers so that the people may not have to stand in the queues and also get the benefit of services from their homes.

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