CHINESE firm UDAAN fires over 3500 INDIAN employees

*UDAAN*, B2B e-commerce start-up, which is *backed by CHINESE investor* Tencent, has laid off over 3500 of its contractual *INDIAN employees*. Most of the sacked employees, who this news portal spoke to, said that they were just sent an email which said that their services would not be required henceforth and they would be given a months compensation. Hemanth Narayan, a resident of Bengaluru and the regional sales team lead at Udaan, said that they are still waiting for their one month compensation and have already approached the Karnataka High Court with the plea “This is inhuman from Udaan as after the lockdown ends and gradually the economy starts reviving, it will be difficult getting jobs for close to 3 months, if not more,” Hemanth said. Members of Udaan employees, an association formed on Twitter by the employees who were sacked by the company, also approached former Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy via video call. The video is in possession of this news portal.” Kumaraswamy said he will make sure to bring this issue up with the central government. He also promised to get us jobs after the situation in the country gets better,” Hemanth said. The employees who have been laid off were intimated of the decision directly from Udaan’s consulting firms on April 24. Fearing that the current lockdown, which is in effect until May 3, may be extended, the company has been forced to take the drastic measure to lay off employees.

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