Kejriwal government is exploiting the auto-taxis drivers : Gupta

Kejriwal is promoting red tapism

New Delhi: Leader of Opposition in Delhi Legislative Assembly Shri Vijender Gupta while addressing a press conference held at the state office today said that Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal is not deliberately implementing the Motor Vehicle Act 2019 implemented by the Central Government in Delhi. The Kejriwal government has made it mandatory to have a certificate of class 8 in the name of giving badges to auto and taxi drivers, while the central government has amended the Motor Vehicle Act in which there is no need for Class-8 certificates for the skilled Taxi Drivers.  Pradesh Media Co-Incharge Shri Neelkant Bakshi, Media Head Shri Ashok Goyal Devraha, Delhi Auto Rickshaw Federation General Secretary Shri Rajendra Soni, Mohammad Arif, Shri Yogendra Rana, Shri Joginder Srivastava were present in this press conference.

Addressing the journalists, Leader of Opposition in Delhi Legislative Assembly Shri Vijender Gupta said that we welcome the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019 implemented by the Central Government two months ago while the Kejriwal Government did not deliberately implemented the Motor Vehicle Act in Delhi. According to the earlier rule, it was mandatory for the driver to have a certificate up to Class 8 to take the license.


Shri Gupta said that in view of the compulsions of the people affected by the Government of India, who were fully adept in driving auto rickshaws, but due to lack of certificate, they were not given license for the driving which is now abolished. But even after the abolition by the Central Government, till date the Kejriwal Government has not allowed this rule to be implemented in Delhi. If the 8th grade certificate is not there, then the badge of driving an auto and taxi is not given. Such a rule has been implemented by the Kejriwal government in Delhi, due to which, despite being scaled, thousands of auto drivers in Delhi do not get the badge and they are not able to fulfill their daily needs due to lack of employment.


Shri Gupta said that the Central Government has made a good medium for employment generation but while doing politics on this also, the Chief Minister has deliberately stopped the Amendment in the Act. In the name of badges, the Kejriwal government is promoting corruption a lot. Auto-taxi drivers are facing exploitation because of lack of badges, they are being intimidated. The mandatory certificate of class 8 was not before 2007 but it was made mandatory after 2007. In the year 2013, the Congress government made it compulsory to pass 8th grade certificate through the clause in the Motor Vehicle Act. The question arises as to why the Kejriwal government has implemented it in Delhi, which the Central Government has abolished the Act.


Shri Gupta said that the Delhi BJP demands that the Chief Minister should abolish the 8th grade certificate from Delhi at the earliest or else the Bharatiya Janata Party workers and the people of the Auto-Taxi Union will protest against the Chief Minister’s residence.

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