Congress is set to stage a comeback in Delhi: Chopra

Bharat Bachao Rally at the Ramlila Ground

New Delhi: Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Shri Subhash Chopra thanked the Congress workers and the people of Delhi for making the “Bharat Bachao Rally” at the Ramlila Ground today an outstanding success, which, he said, proved that the people of Delhi are tired of the misrule of the BJP Government at the Centre and the Aam Aadmi Party Government in Delhi, and want the Congress to comeback to power in Delhi. Shri Chopra said that the success of the rally has sounded the death knell of both the BJP and AAP Governments. Shri Chopra said that Shri Rahul Gandhi was the centre of attraction for lakhs of people who attended the rally. He said that the forceful attack on Modi by Rahul Gandhiji has strengthened the position of the Congress party in Delhi.

The entire Delhi was filled with Congress workers from across the country and all corners of Delhi, carrying tri-colours, banners and placards as they arrived at the Ramlila ground in processions. From as early as 6 a.m, Congress leaders, led by Shri Subhash Chopra, were busy ensuring that people reached the Ramlila ground on time.

It may be recalled that the Delhi Congress, under the leadership of Shri Subhash Chopra, has been busy for the past 15 days making preparations for the rally at the Ramlila ground. Delhi Congress had not only made teams of Congress workers at the ward-level to mobilize people’s participation in the rally, but also held many corner meetings. Rallies were organized in all the districts to create awareness among the people of the dire consequences of the financial slump and the rising rate of unemployment and price rise, as the people are already fed up with the misrule of both the BJP and the AAP Governments. The common people willingly participated in the Bharat Bachao Rally to register their protests against the BJP and AAP.

Shri Subhash Chopra and chief spokesperson Shri Mukesh Sharma said that today’s rally was historic as very rarely had so many people attended a political rally at the Ramlila ground. They said that people from all strata of society and every section participated in the rally. Congress workers carried flags, banners and placards as they marched toward the Ramlila ground, covering many kilometres on foot, accompanied by the beatings of drums.

Shri Subhash Chopra and Shri Mukesh Sharma said that despite the severe cold, lakhs of people reaching Ramlila ground early Saturday morning proves their faith in the Congress party and a clear signal that the Congress party is all set to return to power in Delhi when the Assembly elections are held in the Capital two months from now. They said that with the common people backing the Congress party, Congress will intensify its attacks on the BJP and AAP Governments for their all-round failures in all areas of governance.

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