Muslims born in India have nothing to do with Citizenship Amendment Act – Manoj Tiwari

New Delhi: BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Manoj Tiwari had invited Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi Pradesh Congress President Subhash Chopra for a debate on Citizenship Amendment Act at Central Park, Connaught Place in the presence of the media and the local people so that the doubts about it may be cleared. But neither the Congress Party President nor the Head of Aam Aadmi Party turned up at Central Park. Delhi BJP Pradesh President presented the facts about this Act before the media and the people present on this occasion so that the confusion about CAA may be cleared.

Addressing the media persons and the local people BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Manoj Tiwari said that the debate is going on in the country on CAA but rumors are being created. These are baseless, however it spread fast. A letter was written to Chief Minister of Delhi and Delhi Congress President besides phone call for inviting them for debate. The people who have the responsibility of preventing violence have actually encouraged violence. Even celebrities are not clear in their minds about CAA. The Citizenship Amendment Act is only of three pages and needs to be studied. Any Act is amended when it is passed both by Loksabha and Rajyasabha but BJP lacks majority in Rajyasabha, other parties voted in favor of this Bill, only after that the Bill was passed. This has now become law after being notified by the Honourable President on 13th December.

Reading from the Citizenship Amendment Act, Shri Tiwari said that the Citizenship Act 1955 has been amended to give citizenship to the the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhism, Jainism, Christian, Parsi refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan who came to India before 31st December 2014. Had our country not been divided on religious ground, there was no need for this law. The Nehru-Liyakat Pact was also made for protecting the people who migrated before 2014 and under this Pact we protected the minorities who came in our country but Pakistan did not protect the minorities and persecuted them. The Muslims born in India have nothing to do with this law but the opposition is provoking them against Government.

Shri Tiwari also said that this Act will not apply to Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura’s ST areas and the areas under internal boundary notified under Bengal Eastern Territory Regulation 1873. Confusion was created in the North East on this issue and various parties played politics on it. Enmity is been created between the people of the country. BJP rebukes all the rumors being created on Citizenship Amendment Act. Various parties are creating fear in the minds of the people on this Act. Nobody can challenge the citizenship of the people who are born in India.

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