Christian Rashtriya Manch under the mentorship of Sri Indresh Kumar ji celebrate Christmas Festival

New Delhi: India is a country that has given freedom for all religions to flourish which took birth in India or in any part of the world. Not only freedom but also the very first Church in India was built by a Hindu king in the South India during first century on request of St Thomas. India not only invited them to come but also gave them respect and that’s why if the citizen of India became Christian or Muslim, Buddhist, Jain, Radha Swami Nirankari or Sanatana Hindu, they continue to respect the other religions. Citizens of India have never attacked other countries especially their mosques and mandir and even Christians and Muslims of this Country have never attacked the other country. Indian land and culture has respected all communities and religions. Some people have brought enmity in people of India and have brought division among their relations and defamed them.

Christian Rashtriya Manch, under the mentorship of Sri Indresh Kumar ji has taken the initiative to create harmony from last six years. When people fight in the name of religion, fight within the religion, like Catholic and Protestants, Shia and Sunni, Mahayana and Buddhist Nirankari and Radha Swami will also become obvious and then Riots takes place. But by avoiding all these infightings we can make India and the world Violence free. And as Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself” we should respect everyone and embrace each other. By practicing this we can make the world free of violence and hatred and can make every citizen a true human. That’s why we have gathered here today.

It is a welcoming decision by the government led by Sri Narendra Modi to protect the persecuted minorities including Christians in neighboring countries. Indian government also has swiftly responded to the bombing during Easter time in Sri Lanka. The concern by the Indian government about persecuted Christians in India and abroad is highly laudable. Many Christian countries also may take such initiative to end the persecution of Christian missionaries by taking India as role model.

In the past 6 years many misunderstandings have been avoided and spirit of brotherhood has been embraced. Narendra Modi Govt has taken very serious view of any oppression of Christian community. The Govt which we voted in the past has allowed oppressions to happen. But now we are living in a protected and safe environment.

It’s our desire that in India Christians feel safe to practice their faith without any fear. In the past, Christian Rashtriya Manch has helped People of North East and Kerala when they were in trouble. And we feel that communal differences and lack of trust breeds violence in the country. We plead all the Christians to develop a sense of one community and stay away from the feelings of misunderstandings that will destroy the Spirit of brotherhood from the community. Let us all join our hands in solving climate change challenges. Let us share our love with this planet too.

Narendra Ji expressed we are a country of many religions and if we celebrate other religions festival and embrace them, that will help unity to grow. We should celebrate Christmas and should invite Hindus to their home and In Diwali Hindus must invite Christians to their home to celebrate so that it will help people to respect other religions and their ideology, this type of fellowship will remove all the bitterness among people. Christ’s message to the whole world is to destroy all the violence from the world. And we want to give this message to the country and will spread it because Jesus’ mission was to free people from curse, sin and violence. Christmas is a message of love, hope and eternal salvation. We invite all Hindus to share this message of love in our Christmas program . Hope Christians also will reciprocate which will help to destroy the hatred from the people.

The message that Christ gave is about abundance of Love, hope, peace and harmony and this celebration of Christmas is to send out His message and hence this Christmas must be celebrated with much Joy.

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