Kejriwal Government’s 10-point report card is a bundle of lies—Subhash Chopra.

New Delhi: Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Shri Subhash Chopra, terming the 10-point report card released by the Kejriwal Government as a ‘bundle of lies’, released a ‘postmortem report’ to expose the lies and misleading information in the Kejriwal report card, at a Press Conference at the DPCC office, Rajiv Bhawan, here today. Shri Chopra also released a factual report card of the Congress, supported with data, to expose the AAP Government’s claims. Senior Congress leaders Shri Jai Prakash Agarwal, Smt. Krishna Tirath, Shri Sandeep Dikshit, Shri Ramesh Kumar, Shri Mahabal Mishra, Shri Mukesh Sharma, Shri Kirti Azad, Shri Devender Yadav, Shri Rajesh Lilothai, Shri Mateen Ahmed and Shri Veer Singh Dhingan were also present.

Shri Subhash Chopra said that the Kejriwal Government has been surviving on the strength of lies and falsehood, and misleading advertisements. He said that to bail out his Government, Kejriwal has been spreading utter lies. Shri Chopra said that the Kejriwal Government, which was in a deep slumber in the past four and a half years, is now telling many lies to cover up one lie to save its skin, as it has woken up to the reality of the welfare of the people only in the last three months of his Government’s tenure. Shri Chopra said that AAP, which came to power on the issue of Lok Pal and Swaraj, was now running away from both these issues. He said that the Lokayukt, established by the Congress Government, has been made ineffective by the AAP Government. He said that the Kejriwal Government was only providing dirty water and polluted air to the people of Delhi. He said that the entire Delhi was suffering from acute cough and respiratory ailments except Kejriwal, who seems to have now become immune to coughs.

Shri Chopra said that it was the responsibility of Delhi Congress to make people aware of the real issues and facts. He said that was the reason for the DPCC releasing a ‘real report card’ on the state of affairs in Delhi. He said that people have to bribe even for daily wage earnings as all the departments of the Delhi Government have become dens of corruption.

Shri Jai Prakash Agarwal said that the AAP Government has committed a Rs 8532-crore corruption to extend benefits to the private power companies. He said that no CAG audit was done on the private power companies, as Kejriwal had promised before he came to power. Shri Agarwal said that there has been a many- fold increase in the electricity charges of 82 per cent power consumers in Delhi, including small shopkeepers and household industries.

Shri Sandeep Dikshit said that in the last five years, the AAP Government did not spend 42% budget for health as the inflated health budget remained only on paper. Shri Dikshit said that Kejriwal had promised to set up 1000 Mohalla Clinics, but established only 189 clinics out of which 100 are not functional. He said that the Mohalla Clinics were opened after shutting down 500 Government dispensaries. He said that not even one new hospital was opened in the last five years, and the condition of the existing hospitals has become horrible.

Shri Mahabal Mishra and Shri Ramesh Kumar said that the Kejriwal Government betrayed the over 40 lakh people living in unauthorized colonies. They said that the AAP Government has not regularized any unauthorized colony, and the promise of constructing “where jhuggi, there makaan” (in-situ flats) has remained hollow. They said that in the name of giving ownership rights to 40 lakh people, DDA has been given an open licence to loot these people. They said that with the application of Section 7A notification for the regularization of unauthorized colonies, most of the unauthorized colonies will be left out of regularization. They said that Delhi has the most polluted drinking water among all the big cities in the country. They said that 20 per cent of the people of Delhi are being forced to purchase drinking water, and the Kejriwal Government has issued licenses to 851 water bottling plants, adding that due to severe water shortage, unauthorized colonies are depending on the water tanker mafia for survival.

Shri Mukesh Sharma, mounting a strong attack on the Kejriwal Government, said that it has cancelled the Congress Government’s ‘Mono Rail’ plan, which was intended to prevent traffic jams. He said that during the Congress regime, a Rs 3600 crore scheme was initiated to clean up the Yamuna river, and the “Inter-Sector” work started for this purpose, has got stuck with just about 20 per cent work done. As a result, sewer work has not been done in over 200 unauthorised colonies, including Mohan Garden and Vikas Nagar. Shri Sharma said that the Kejriwal Government has failed to complete the works on projects started by the Congress Government.

Shri Kirti Azad and Ch. Mateen Ahmed said that the budget for education has remained only on paper, as 46 per cent of the budget has remained unspent. They said that in the last four years, the Kejriwal Government has removed 1,32,000 children from schools whereas during the Congress regime, double this number of students had been admitted. They said that the 10th pass percentage, which was 99.45 per cent during the Congress regime (in the year 2013), has plummeted to 68.9 per cent under the AAP Government. They said that admission of EWS children in private schools has decreased by 20 per cent, and 74 schools did not admit even a single EWS child. They said that Kejriwal had promised to build 2 lakh public toilets which has remained a pipe dream, and for the implementation of PDS, Delhi was declared the third most corrupt State. The AAP Government also did not open any new college or University, planted no new tree or created any new infrastructure.

Shri Devender Yadav, Shri Rajesh Lilothia and Shri Tarwinder Singh Marwah said that the third phase of Delhi metro was running three years behind schedule and work for phase V is running five years late. They said that in four years, the AAP Government could add only one bus to the depleted DTC fleet. They said that there was a reduction of 3800 buses in the DTC fleet, and 100 buses were added only when three months left for the tenure of the Kejriwal Government to end. He said that there was also uncertainty about the Delhi-Meerut High Speed Rail Corridor started by the Congress Government. They said that Kejriwal had promised to generate 8 lakh new jobs, but the unemployment ratio has gone up by 16 per cent in Delhi. Delhi has become the worst-polluted city in the world, and the AAP Government has not constructed even one new flyover in the Capital; not even one kilomtre of new road has been constructed as the BJP and AAP were indulging in shadow-boxing without doing any development works.

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