The JNUTF declares that the JNUTA has reached the nadir of moral bankruptcy

New Delhi: The JNUTF declares that the JNUTA has reached the nadir of moral bankruptcy. The support shown by the JNUTA towards the person accused of ‘sedition’ tantamounts to providing support to ‘anti-national’ and anarchic elements of society. The web of arguments created to protect the accused of sedition in the JNUTA statement also raises questions about the intentions of JNUTA.
The JNUTA has issued a statement on 28th January 2020, which attempts to protect the accused of sedition. The democratic polity of India provides ample ‘scope for disagreement’ on any issue. However the constitution of India provides that the ‘dissent’ in any form should not pose a threat to the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the State and public order. It is also a fundamental duty of every citizen of India to uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India.
The 28th January statement of JNUTA is not endorsed by a majority of teachers. The JNUTF strongly condemns such a statement by the office bearers of JNUTA. We appeal to the JNU teachers and JNU community to maintain peace and harmony and let the law take its own course.

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