My Reaction on Sanjay Singh’s Press Conference

Aam Aadmi Party’s criticism of Election Commission & raising figures on EVM’s reliability reflects the party’s insecurity and is condemnable.

For last one week AAP leaders were realising that they are losing ground but the Exit Polls of TV Channels brought out even before completion of the voting process gave AAP new hope.

The Exit Polls which came out soon after 6 pm must have been based on voting reactions of upto 3 or 4 pm polling and hence not fully reliable.

Today the way MP Sanjay Singh repeatedly quoted Exit Polls it seems that is there only base of claiming victory before counting.

Had the Party been actually strong then Arvind Kejriwal would not have needed to issue a emotional appeal especially to women to vote for him during the middle of polling process yesterday.

BJP’s performance in yesterday’s poll will be best ever.

Praveen Shankar Kapoor
Spokesperson of Delhi BJP

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