Sheila Dixit was not only a successful politician but also a skilled administrator—Subhash Chopra

New Delhi, February 12, 2020—Out-going president of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee Shri Subhash Chopra described former Delhi Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dixit as a successful politician and skilled administrator who played a major role in the all-round. development of Delhi to make it one of the best in the world. He said that after Smt. Sheila Dikshit took charge of the Delhi Congress in 1998, the graph of the party continued to grow after that. He said that she led the party to power in Delhi and Congress ruled Delhi for three consecutive times under her stewardship. Shri Chopra said that she cannot be held responsible for the party’s defeat in Delhi, as there were various factors for the party’s defeat and blaming her for the down-ward graph of the party cannot be tolerated.

Shri Subhash Chopra said that even though Smt. Sheila Dixit is no longer with us, Delhi Congress fought the Assembly elections on the strength of the works she had done in Delhi. He said that it will not be out of place to state that Smt. Sheila Dixit and Congress were complementary to each other in Delhi. Shri Chopra said that her popularity cut across parties and leaders for the amazing development works she had done in Delhi. He said that this was the reason that on her death, leaders of all the major political parties, including the Prime Minister of India, paid their tributes to her.

Shri Subhash Chopra said that in 2013, the vote bank of the Congress got alienated on account of the Anna Hazare Movement and not because of Smt. Sheila Dixit. He said that in this Assembly election also, there were many reasons for the defeat of Congress, including polarization of votes by the BJP in the name of Shaheen Bagh and entangling the people of Delhi through advertisements by the Aam Aadmi Party Government.

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