Global NRI Industrialists, Jain saint and prominent personalities of Art & Culture had online discussion

GP Hinduja, SP Lohia, BK Modi, Abhijit Ranjan and eminent Jainacharya Lokesh and Anoop Jalota discussed the current situation.

Need to redefine the concept of development – Acharya Lokesh

Balance between human value and materiality is necessary – Hinduja

Indian lifestyle more relevant at present – Modi

New Delhi: The world’s most powerful NRI industrialists, religious leaders and art personalities had special discussion on “Moral and human values ​​in personal and professional life” during the current state of the Corona epidemic.It was for the first time that Indian industrialists settled in Europe for the first time to discuss the Corona epidemic on one platform.

 Shri Gopichand Hinduja, Head of Hinduja Group, said that balance between human value and materiality is necessary. In the present times, a situation has arisen due to forgetting of religion and rituals. He said that in childhood, the parents gave the rites of staying steadfast on values, which still have an impact.

Indo Rama Chief S. P. Lohia said that disciplined lifestyle based on moderation is the best. Many problems arise due to ignoring the values ​​of life. He insisted on maintaining positive thinking in the present times.

The head of Modi Group, Dr. B. K. Modi said that Indian lifestyles are more relevant in the present times. Indian living and eating habits automatically avoids many diseases. He said that for business we should live in any corner of the world but India should remain in our heart.

Abhijit Ranjan, the head of Gammon India, said that Indian culture has always spoken of balance, that is why a healthy society is created. He said that we rise up, develop but never forget our original roots.

On this occasion, the famous Jainacharya Lokeshji, the founder of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti, said that in the current situation there is a need to redefine the concept and lifestyle of development. He said that religion is not opposed to development, but development that is not based on the foundation of spirituality becomes a curse rather than a boon.

On this occasion, Pradeep Udhas, KPMG, Vineet Mittal of Awadh Group, Sheetal Singh, eminent numerologist Mr. Sandeep Kochhar, Diamond King Amit Damani from Dubai, Yoga Guru Dr. Amritraj from Rishikesh, Rashmi Mehta from Dubai, Jagdish Shevani from New York, Sri Ravi Kumar Iyer from RSS, Chandru Hinduja from Mumbai, Gul Hinduja also attended the seminar.

At the beginning and conclusion of the seminar, the hymn king Anoop Jalota mesmerized everyone by presenting a spiritual hymn.

The seminar was successfully moderated by Dr. Rajesh Sarvadanya, Head of Vivekananda Youth Connect Foundation.

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