Kejriwal is a liar : Praveen Shankar Kapoor

BJP leaders attacks Kejriwal

Delhi BJP Spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor has said that it seems CM Arvind Kejriwal provides special training to his party leaders & spokespersons to sell lies.

His Party leader Durgesh Pathak’s today’s statement related to Bhalswa Landfill Site is a new bunch of lies.

Pathak has said North DMC is spending Rs. 5 crores per month to reduce height of Bhalswa landfill site while the truth is the North DMC’s total monthly expense on trashing is Rs. 90 lacs per month on 15 trommel machines being used.

As for their claim that height is not reducing, as recently as in July 2020 North DMC had shown that height of Bhalswa dump is going down.

It seems that AAP leaders are so involved in money minting that for them nothing below several Crores matters and therefore this story of projecting 90 lacs as 5 crores per month.

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