You cannot afford not to be quintessential when luxury is your forte

As a luxury consultant, socialising and communication with the people around you are indispensable. Hence, Madhavi’s luxury talk show, a completely unplanned impromptu idea, is an excellent interactive way to stay in touch with friends, family as well as clients.

Making the most of the lockdown, Ms, Madhavi Advani, the renowned luxury consultant, serving clients from acclaimed backgrounds started the online Facebook live chat series, “The Luxury Global Talk show”

Madhavi’s Luxury Co. has been breaking boundaries, bridging the gap between the top industry clientele with their mass audiences, branding the luxury segment.

Since the pandemic has hit us hard leaving people in fear and uncertainties about the future, the versatile, vibrant and one of the most dynamic women you would come across, Madhavi,through her chat show, has been on the mission to bring solutions to people at their homes each day. Various eminent national and international speakers, Ambassadors of various countries, Corporate honchos have been a part of her chat show till now.

Madhavi continues to establish and run a strong luxury consultancy, bringing people from different platforms in the fields of art, real estate, hospitality, weddings, fashion designers, jewellery designers and bespoke events.

In conversation with Madhavi, her guests tend to unravel their fascinating hidden interests in the luxury segment, be it wellness, art or poetry.

From wedding planners in Italy to top fashion designers, Padmashri awardees, to classic Indian artists and ambassadors, Madhavi has curated a great reach with her talk show, bringing together distinguished achievers from different walks of life.

With a niche outreach, luxury brands have a rich taste, and it is essential to focus the appropriate clientele. Madhavi aims to bridge the gap between the guests on the show from the industry, and their audiences, bringing in their experiences from different walks of life, their lifestyle patterns during COVID, and how the luxury market is looking the future.

Madhavi has a subtle way of bringing out the best of the people she invites on her shows, while highlighting the pedestals of their journey, while also bringing their future plans and projects in picture.

“I had the honour of being interviewed by Madhavi. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed. There was a good number of people who had connected and I must compliment Madhavi on this wonderful initiative. Best of luck to her for her initiatives.”- Vijay Wanchoo, Senior Executive- Imperial Hotel.

Hi..Being in the talk show with Madhavi was a fantastic experience for me. She has the art of making the guest speaker comfortable.

Madhavi…Gud luck to u all thru’!!!”- Ms. Shalley Batta, Zonal Clinical Head- Clove Dental.
“Om shanti. Being with Madhavi on her talk show was a complete delight:) She takes u so easily through your own life journey and it’s a pleasure chatting with her. Kudos to her”
-Vandy Mehra, Study by Janak

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