Trans-woman Nirvair Kaur “Kiran” will steal the show

The Modern Poets is a Delhi based literarure community that provides stage to the budding writers. Lakhs of people are attached with the sentiments and thoughts of this community and follow it. In a span of a little over 3 years, it has staged thousands of artists.

Marking the endeavour of the Republic Day, the event “Aazadiyan” has been one of its trademark. It is celebrated as symbol of freedom and equality. In it’s third edition, i.e. on upcoming 26 January, it will be celebrated through social media. Aazadiyan had been digitized as a preventive measure of ongoing pandemic.

It will be held on social media handles of The Modern Poets. It will begin at 7:30PM and 9:30 PM on Facebook and Instagram respectively. Gauri Chauhan and Nikki Mahar will be the host on facebook and Instagram respectively. Apart from them Reetey, Rishabh Goel, Rishav Kumar, Mujahid Ali, Nirvair Kaur, Supriya, Virendra Tiwari, Ankit Dubey, Deepti Pathak, Muskan Yadav and Kushal Dauneria will mark their presence in the gathering.

The transgender activist and writer Nirvair Kaur ‘Kiran’ has emerged as the talk of the show. She is known for her firm determination and humble gesture. Her words mark deep impression even on the stoned hearts. The Modern Poets founder Mohit Mudita Dwivedi said, “Undoubtedly, literature has been the backbone of the our nation. It has played a vital role in India’s freedom struggle. It is our duty to pass to pass it on safely to next generation. Aazadiyan is a part our duty. It is a method of tributing the sacred blood through ink.”

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