‘Rozgar Do” is the only demand of India’s youth: Srinivas BV

The Indian Youth Congress celebrated the Prime Minister’s birthday as National Unemployment Day.

New Delhi, 17 September.

The Indian Youth Congress celebrated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday as National Unemployment Day to attract the government’s attention towards rising unemployment. The youth of the country protested on the road calling it Unemployment day . The workers demanded ‘ Rozgar Do ‘ everywhere from social media to the street and expressed their anger against rising unemployment.
National President of the Indian Youth Congress Srinivas BV said, “Modi ji, Parliament is yours right now ,but the roads are still with us.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power promising to provide employment to two crore youth every year but instead of giving job , demonetisation, GST and lockdown snatched the jobs of 120 million youth. Modi ji always talks what he wants to listen too. This is why India’s unemployed youth are coming on the road and celebrating ‘National Unemployed Day’ and demanding employment. ‘
The youth is giving wake up call to the government by placing large hoardings on National Unemployment Day. On one hand, ‘National Unemployment Day’ is trending on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. On social media, millions of youth are expressing their anger against the anti-youth policies of the central government. On the other hand, on the road in various cities of the country, they are opposing the wrong economic policies of the Central Government. Srinivas said, From social media to the streer there is only one demand ‘ Rozgar Do ‘. The Prime Minister’s anti-youth decisions have caused serious damage to the country’s economy. This is the reason why the youth of the country are registering protest against the government by frying pakoras, installing tea carts and polishing shoes. He said, “The youth of India wants employment but the Prime Minister and BJP are giving the false speeches to them.” The government has no roadmap to create new employment opportunities. Without vision, the government resorts to television channels to divert attention. According to a report by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the average unemployment rate during the lockdown was 24.2.
Srinivas said, “Far from giving jobs to the youth, the government has banned new recruits in various departments including railways, which is an injustice to the youth. We demand the government to immediately remove the ban on these recruitments. We demand from the central government that government should prepare a roadmap to overcome the rising unemployment.Those who have become unemployed in the lockdown periodfor them government should prepare a program to bring them back to employment. The Indian Youth Congress is running a nationwide movement. Awaken the government on the issue of unemployment.

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