Delhi BJP Launches hastag #DilliKaPanniZahrila for collecting water samples

New Delhi: In a press conference held at Delhi BJP office today Delhi BJP President Shri Manoj Tiwari said that drinking water samples taken from eleven places by the Indian Standards Bureau failed to meet the all the nineteen standards because the DJB is supplying poisonous water in Delhi. Media head Shri Ashok Goel devraha was also present in the press conference.

Shri Manoj Tiwari said that Arvind Kejriwal should work on the issue of water without any political considerations because water is connected with the lives of the people. People are becoming victim of water borne diseases because they are drinking poisonous water. The people have been forced to purchased water purifiers but the poor cannot purchase water purifiers and are falling ill due to drinking poisonous water. He said that PANI MEI JEHAR HAI, HAWA MEI JEHAR, KEJRIWAL DEELI KE LIYE KEHAR HAI.

Shri Tiwari also said that tomorrow the BJP workers will stage demonstration at 400 places and collect water samples with placards in their hands. For collecting water samples Delhi BJP has launched hastag #DilliKaPanniZahrila and large number of people are sending water samples. Delhi BJP will take this water to the residents of Chief Minister and offer him to drink. Kejriwal has left the people of Delhi at the mercy of God. The air of Delhi is most polluted and now the water of Delhi has also been found to be most polluted. But kejriwal is using the taxpayer’s money to cover up his failures. If he could have spent even 10 percent on cleaning water & air of Delhi then such conditions may not have arisen.

Shri Tiwari said that Delhi BJP pledges to provide pure drinking water to the people of Delhi within three and half years of coming to power. PM Modi has also pledged to supply pure drinking water to the people of the country.

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