Actually the Citizenship Amendment Act has nothing to do with any citizen of India – Shazia Ilmi

New Delhi: After the Dhanyawad Rally in Ramlila Maidan in which Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi removed all the doubts in the minds of the minority community and assured them of their rights, more than 300 Muslim brothers and sisters assembled at the residence of Delhi BJP President Shri Manoj Tiwari to thank Delhi BJP today. Besides Delhi BJP President Shri Manoj Tiwari, Pradesh Vice President Smt. Shazia Ilmi also cleared the doubts in the minds of Muslim Brothers and Sisters about Citizenship Amendment Act. On this occasion, Pradesh Media Co-Incharge Shri Neelkant Bakshi, Pradesh Minority Morcha President Md. Haroon, Shri Ali Raza Bilal, Shri Kamal Babar, Shri Mustafa Qureshi, Shri Khalid Qureshi alongwith Minority Morcha Office bearers were present. Former Secretary of Congress Party Md. Haroon also joined BJP on this occasion.

Answering the questions related to Citizenship Amendment Act, Delhi BJP President Shri Manoj Tiwari said that some parties had vitiated the atmosphere by instigating some people but Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi has removed all the doubts about this law. The people of Delhi have also shown that they want development and not any dispute. Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 does not apply to any Muslim born in India and hence the Indian citizens should not believe in the rumors. Any Amendment is passed in Parliament only when the ruling party has majority in both the houses but BJP does not have majority in Rajyasabha. This Amendment Act was passed only when the members of other parties voted in favor of this Bill. There is nothing in the Citizenship Amendment Law which violates the rights of any person.

Shri Tiwari also said that by amending Citizenship Act 1955, provision has been made to give citizenship to the refugees belonging to Hindu, Sikh, Baudh, Jain, Christian, Parsee communities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan who entered India before 31st December, 2014. Had our country not been divided on religious ground then there was no need of this Act. Nehru Liyaqat Pact was also made for protecting the interest of minorities in India and Pakistan but Pakistan did not protect them and they were persecuted. The agenda of opposition parties is to instigate friction between brothers and sisters of the country but BJP does not do so. BJP respects the rights of every citizen of the country.

Pradesh Vice President Smt. Shazia Ilmi said that actually the Citizenship Amendment Act has nothing to do with any citizen of India. This law does not affect any Indian Citizen Including Muslims. Under the Citizenship Law, Muslims from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries can apply for Indian citizenship. This Citizenship Amendment Act does not prevent any foreigner from becoming Indian citizen if he fulfills the eligibility criteria.

Mohd. Haroon said that the people who had the responsibility to stop violence have actually worked to spread violence. This Amendment Act is only of 3 pages which needs to be studied.

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