Paysquare now offers 360-degree support for year-end payroll operations

Pune: Strengthening its commitment to revolutionize the payroll outsourcing domain, Paysquare has unveiled comprehensive services and support for year-end payroll operations of global enterprises.

The year-end payroll services will involve the Paysquare team in document collections against investment proofs, verifications and then calculating and making the tax deductions for employees for the balance months of the year.

The service will also include holistic auditing of employee data including their PAN numbers, names and addresses and other pivotal information associated with their payroll.

The year-end payroll operations involve a hefty allocation of resources and time by enterprises across the globe to avoid stringent penalties from regulatory authorities in case of any discrepancies. Furthermore, the organizations also run at the risk of losing credibility in their respective industry segment in case of any regulatory action.

Paysquare’s the highly proficient team comes with in-depth expertise of local and global payroll regulations and adjustments that come into play while managing year-end payroll operations.

Utilizing state of the art solutions powered by emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Paysquare automates cumbersome, repetitive tasks involved with payroll functioning for a swift and accurate delivery. This saves significant time and man-hours of businesses, improving their overall productivity and efficiency.

Moreover, with rigorous security mechanisms in place, Paysquare mitigates the risk of enterprises losing out on business-critical data including revenue figures and employee information in case of a data breach.

‘’The year-end payroll involves balancing books, verification of payments to the right set of people as well as strict evaluation of taxes to be paid to the government. A large number of enterprises lack the bandwidth and expertise to manage this task. Paysquare’s year-end payroll services for businesses include keeping an updated record of yearly transactions, verification of pivotal data as well as precise computing and filing of taxes without missing the deadlines,’’ said Rakesh Jain, CEO, and Founder, Paysquare.

Paysquare has carved a distinctive reputation in the payroll outsourcing segment offering businesses with value-added services like ESS(Employee Self Service) portals, employee performance management tools for exceptional transparency and employee satisfaction.

About Paysquare

From consolidating HR/Finance & employee inputs to the processing of payroll, providing the respective outputs and managing statutory filing, Paysquare helps you manage it all. We offer Resource Management services, where we help our clients place their staff on our payroll and completely manage employee benefits for such staff. As of today, we process more than 3,00,000 payroll records every month.

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