We are committed to help our labourers: Ajay Chaudhary

Amidst covid 19 pendamic a smart act by NCR based developers avoided further possibility of spreading virus. Labourer working at the sites were got panicked after prime minister Narender Modi announced lockdown.

Many labourer had planned to leave the city and wanted to go their native places. This move could have further lead to outbreak of virus in remote areas in various parts in the country and was a possible threat of community transmission.

Considering the gravity of the issue, ACE group prompted into action and managed to convinced their labourers to stay with them.

It is pertinent to mention that Ace group has 1500 labourer at its different sites while ATS group alone has 4500 construction workers in NCR.

The timely action had two strong impact one helping the administration and state government as labourer exodus would have put additional burden on the government machinery and second once the lockdown is lifted the construction will again resume and avoiding delay in construction. If the labourer would have left the city it could have take another four to six month to again gather the same strength.

“At this tough time, we are committed to help our labourers, staff, city, state and country. In all possible way we are reaching out to them and making all possible help. We have been providing fresh food facility to our nearly 1500 labourers at different sites. We managed to control exodus of labourers. We have provided living facility to them. Apart from that we have made contribution to the community kitchen,” said Mr Ajay Chaudhary, chairman and managing director , Ace group.

“We are committed to ensure all possible help to the government and labourer who are like our family,” Mr Chaudhary said

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