IYC pays tribute to Shiela Dikshit on her first death anniversary

New Delhi, 20th July 2020:

Today, at the IYC headquarters at 5, Raisina Road, the Indian Youth Congress commemorated the 1st death anniversary of Smt. Sheila Dikshit ji, where Shri Krishna Allavaru ji (Joint Secretary, AICC and National In-charge, IYC) and Shri Srinivas B.V. ji (National President, IYC) paid tributes to her by garlanding and offering flowers on her portrait.

IYC workers paying tribute to Shiela Dikshit

The innumerable contributions made by Smt. Dikshit towards the development of the National Capital Territory of Delhi are commended by one & all and makes her one of the most successful Chief Minister’s of independent India and certainly the most successful Chief Minister to ever hold the post in Delhi. Smt. Dikshit is also sometimes referred to as the architect of modern Delhi.

Shri Krishna Allavaru said, “Smt. Sheila Dikshit ji was an eminent stateswoman and her many contributions to the NCT of Delhi are more than evident even today. She made the Delhi, as we see it today. She may have passed away, but her legacy remains with us. I pay my heartfelt tribute to Smt. Dikshit and one life would not be enough to acknowledge the contributions she made to Delhi and Indian politics.”

Shri Srinivas B.V said, “Today we commemorated that Sheila Dikshit who adorned Delhi, gave the city a world-class identity and made her place forever in the hearts of crores of Delhiites. It is unfortunate that the current Delhi administration is taking credit for her policies and her work for the NCT of Delhi but lacks her ‘vision’. However, we will keep working towards a better Delhi. True tribute from the IYC to the great soul would be to fight for her vision of Delhi and I can assure you that every IYC volunteer and office bearer is dedicated to that cause.”

On this occasion various National Office Bearers as well as other IYC activists were also present.

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