IYC protested the rapidly increasing spread of Corona pandemic due to the government’s inefficiency

New Delhi, 29 July 2020: The central government is not at all serious about the corona epidemic, which is why today the number of corona infected in India has crossed 1.5 million and currently the daily increase in India is at 3.7%, the highest in the country. Against this, the Indian Youth Congress protested at the Connaught Palace in Delhi while strictly following social distancing and wearing PPE kits and masks. The Protest was led by the National President of Youth Congress Shri Srinivas BV ji.
On this occasion, he accused the Central Government of being negligent and ignorant of Corona. Srinivas BV ji said, “They came to power saying that people will get 15 lakh cash in account but due to the attitude of the central government, 15 lakh corona cases have been found in the country till date. When our leader Shri Rahul Gandhi ji was warning the government about the Corona pandemic, PM Modi was inviting the Corona disaster by organizing Namaste Trump in Ahmedabad and Agra.” Srinivas BV ji further said, “While the people of the whole country are scared and upset about the effects of corona and the central government ministers are going to the public to advertise Bhabhi ji Papad, rather than understanding the pain of the common man. Another minister is chanting the slogan of Go Corona Go while the Prime Minister claps and beats utensils.”

Due to this mismanagement of Corona pandemic, the situation is getting worse by the minute, and the poor man today can’t even afford two square meals. The government has also raised the price of the corona test to Rs 4000. How will the poor and hungry people get the test done? How will they get the money? The government has no policy for migrant workers, no scheme for poor. Srinivas BV ji also said, “Modi ji, where is the package of 20 lakh crore for the self reliant India and where is the money from the PM Cares Fund? Stop this cheap game in the name of politics. Saving the country and saving the poor people should be your top priority. People are roaming on the road, they are neither getting beds in the hospital nor ventilators. The Prime Minister should put his ministers to work rather than politics, and answer questions on the 20 lakh crore package and the PM Cares Fund. PM must realise that just words can’t cure Corona and hard decisions will have to be made.

This is a press note of IYC

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