Martyr Rajiv Gandhi ji was the great son of Bharat Mata, who gave democracy in the hands of the common man: Srinivas B.V.

Youth Congress activists donated blood, planted saplings and distributed trees throughout the country on Sadbhavna Day on 76th Anniversary of Shri Rajiv Gandhi

New Delhi, 20 August. Today is ‘Sadbhavna Diwas’, the 76th birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Shaheed Rajiv Gandhi, the heroic son of Mother India. Various programs like tree plantation, plant distribution, blood donation camp and online quiz were organized by the Indian Youth Congress on this occasion of Sadbhavna Divas. A blood donation camp was organized at the headquarters of the Indian Youth Congress in New Delhi. After donating blood at the blood donation camp organized at the headquarters of the Indian Youth Congress, the National President of the Youth Congress, Shri Srinivas B.V. said, “Today we are celebrating the birth anniversary of the great son of Bharat Mata and our visionary Prime Minister Shaheed Rajiv Gandhi ji. The Prime Minister who wanted to bridge the gap between village and the city. Navodaya Vidyalaya, anti-defection law, right to vote for 18 year old young people of the country, Panchayati Raj and Information Revolution were great visions and works of Rajiv ji. He was such a great leader who considered poverty alleviation as his greatest duty. Today, on his birth anniversary, the whole of India is gratefully remembering him. He was a great leader who gave the power of democracy in the hands of the common man in its true sense.”

On this occasion, the Youth Congress also signed a symbolic petition opposing the draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 2020 proposed by the Union Government, which is actually fatal to the environment. Various programs were organized across the country by the Indian Youth Congress on the occasion of Shri Rajiv Gandhi’s birth anniversary ‘Sadbhavna Diwas’. In every district and assembly of every state of the country, young Congressmen planted saplings and gave a message of environmental protection by distributing saplings to the common people. Srinivas B.V. ji further said, “Rajiv Gandhi’s dedication to environmental protection is not hidden from anyone. To make his memory everlasting and to protect the environment, we carried out plantation drives and plant distribution throughout the country.”
Today, on the occasion of Sadbhavna Diwas, blood donation camps were also organized by young Congressmen across the country to spread the spirit of brotherhood among all people of the country who are suffering from the Corona pandemic. In the blood donation camp organized at the headquarters of Youth Congress in Delhi, President Srinivas B.V. ji and several other activists donated blood. Srinivas ji said, “We all are one as the citizens of India, so let your grief be my sorrow and your happiness become my happiness. Blood donation will save the lives of the people of our country. Rajiv ji was martyred for this unity of India.”

On the birth anniversary of Shri Rajiv Gandhi, the Youth Congress also organized an online quiz competition. Lakhs of people participated in this competition on IYC website and social media platforms of the Youth Congress. Srinivas ji further said, “Rajivji was the pioneer of a liberal economy in India, he was the youngest Prime Minister of India and he brought anti-defection laws to strengthen democracy, gave Navodaya Vidyalayas to the talented children of the village and brought Panchayati Raj laws. He led a short but meaningful life. Hence this quiz competition was organized to make people aware about the greatness of that man.”

A symbolic petition was also signed in protest against the draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 2020 brought recently by the Government of India. This policy is opposed vehemently by the Indian Youth Congress. The aim of this symbolic petition is to spread awareness among the people about this anti-environment draft. The EIA is an anti-tribal, anti-poor and anti-environmental policy. In order to make people aware about this draft plantation drives and plant distribution programs were organised highlighting the truth about this anti-people law.

On this occasion Shri Rajeev Satav ji, MP (Rajya Sabha) and In-charge Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee, Shri Anil Choudhary ji, President (Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee), Shri C.P. Mittal ji, AICC Secretary, Shri Jitendra Baghel ji, AICC Secretary, Shri Neeraj Kundan ji, President NSUI, Smt. Alka Lamba ji, Former Secretary AICC, Shri Abhishek Dutt ji (Vice President, DPCC), Smt. Amrita Dhawan ji, Former President NSUI and Smt. Latika Dikshit ji were present at the IYC office along with other National and Delhi State Office Bearers of the IYC and hundreds of activists, who were involved in the Sadbhavna Divas program held at the IYC headquarters.

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