students have resorted to personal slandering: JNUTF

Jawaharlal Nehru University Teachers’ Federation (JNUTF) is anguished to note that some agitating students have resorted to personal slandering and ad hominem attack against a few of our colleagues. Offensive graffiti have been painted on the walls of the academic buildings to defame and insult the teachers. Such personal abuse is uncalled for and JNUTF strongly condemns it.
The past few weeks have been extremely difficult for the JNU teaching community. They have been attacked physically, gheraoed, heckled, chased and held captive. JNUTF appeals to the agitators to stop their violent means of protest and not to target the teachers just because they have a different opinion.
A delegation of the JNUTF has held a meeting with Sri Nityanand Rai Ji, Hon’ble Minister of State, Home Affairs, on Friday, 20 December 2019. The delegation briefed the minister about the worsening law and order situation on the campus and requested him to provide adequate security to JNU community, espeacially the teachers who are often targeted by the agitating students.

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