BJP State President Manoj Tiwari expresses concern over the worsening condition night shelters of Delhi

New Delhi: BJP State President Shri Manoj Tiwari has expressed concern over the worsening condition of nigh shelters of Delhi in the scathing cold weather of December. Shri Tiwari said that Delhi Government is ignoring the worse conditions of night shelters. The capacity of 221 night shelters of Delhi is around 17,000 but it is not enough to give shelter to even half of the homeless population of Delhi. The anti-poor Kejriwal government of Delhi has not been able to provide houses to the poor till date and now pretending to become the advocates of the poor in view of the Assembly Elections. At ground level, many shortcomings have been found in the night shelters. Delhi government claimed that they have built more than hundred night shelters with all facilities, but homeless people were found sleeping on the ground in the severe cold due to lack of beds in those shelters. Somewhere the condition of toilets is pathetic, while many night shelters have open bathrooms which are extremely dirty. Due to shortage of night shelters, people are seen shivering on the footpath.

Shri Tiwari said that budget for night shelters for Kejriwal government is in lakhs while Chief Minister spends crores on its publicity. Last year, more than 100 people died due to lack of night shelters. Is there no value of life for Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal? Some die of hunger and some die of cold. There are many other problems besides lack of space in the night shelters. There is no separate arrangement for the homeless women in these night shelters nor is there any security for them. There is a mass of chaotic people around the night shelters, most people come intoxicated and make noise in the night.

Shri Tiwari said that the homeless people of Delhi are demanding to build night shelters with better facilities but Kejriwal is not ready to listen, he is busy in making new announcements. Last year too BJP workers helped the homeless and distributed many blankets, clothes, etc. This year too, BJP workers pledged to help the homeless people and are taking care of them because public service is paramount for the BJP.

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