My Home India – Delhi Chapter today organized a session on Citizenship (Amendment) Act -2019 in Delhi – NCR region (NOIDA), where more than five hundred Northeastern youth and students gathered to extend support for CAA.

The program was attended by Shri Sambit Patra (National Spokesperson, BJP), Shri Sunil Deodhar (National Secretary, BJP) and Shri Mahesh Sharma (Member of Parliament, Gautam Buddha Nagar)

Since the citizenship amendment bill was passed in the parliament the country is witnessing a propaganda by few antigovernment organizations to create an atmosphere of fear and paranoia, they are trying to spread anarchy through deliberate obfuscation of facts and figures.

We believe that, the Act fulfills the long-standing demand of providing citizenship to persecuted religious minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, ever since the failure of Nehru Liaquat pact in 1950, various political parties and individuals, cutting across the ideological spectrum have demanded the grant of citizenship to religious minorities from these three countries.

My home India congratulates and stand by the Indian parliament for passing The Citizenship (amendment) Act 2019, we also note with satisfaction that the concern of northeastern states have been heard and are addressed appropriately. People from the Northeast don’t have to worry about this Act. First, the Act doesn’t apply to the tribal areas of Tripura, Mizoram, Assam and Meghalaya because they are included in the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution. Second, areas falling under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873 i.e. Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland, and now, Manipur, are out of the ambit of the Act. Those opposing the Act on the grounds that it violates Article 14 because of the non-inclusion of Muslims should re-examine it. Article 14 forbids class legislation, but allows for a separate class of people to be created by a law.

My home India is a nationalist organization working for the Northeastern across the country, the organization was founded in 2005 in Mumbai and it has active unit in 64 cities of the country, the organization aims at bringing emotional and cultural integration between people from different parts of the country. Since its inception My Home India has organised many programs to create an active awareness about north east and its problem across the country. Apart from these, various social outreach programs, social service schemes, mass-connect drives, sensitizing programs, cultural festivals, award ceremonies are conducted across the country currently.

Sambit Patra on his address he clarified that there is no need to worry about CAA, North Eastern states are totally protected, there are organization who are trying to create ruckus and break the social harmony among citizen. North east is primarily secured with 6th schedule . He quoted Mahatma Gandhi’s Speech of 1948 where Gandhi ji said its India’s responsibility to provide job and shelter to Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan, whenever they wish to come to India. He mentioned that Gopinath Bordoloi exposed the motive of Md Ali Jinnah and the Muslim league, he attacked the last congress govt of Assam saying that the Assam accord was not implemented because of the ill motive of them, the last congress govt intentionally denied to implement the accord in last 35 years.

BJP national secretary Sunil Deodhar on his remarks he said there should not be any confusion on CAA, home minister Amit Shah clarified all the questions in his speech in parliament. He praised the effort of Prime minister Narendra Modi for his vision and commitment towards north eastern states, he mentioned about the prime minister’s ACT EAST policy also.

Dr. Mahesh Sharma on his speech he attacked Tukde Tukde Gang on their activities and asked everyone to spread the facts about CAA among the masses.

Major Y.A. Singh , Madhavi Debabrman, Subimal Bhattacherjee, Jason Kritinangba are some of the activist from the northeast spoke in the session and extended their support towards the CAA.

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