I don’t support CAA: Yaspal Bansal

Will never contest election

New Delhi: Yaspal Bansal is a social worker of Delhi. He is known for his charity. Now a days he is suppering AAP. He says that he will not join AAP but loves Kejriwal.

Do you support CAA?
I don’t support CAA. I would not tell my reasons to boycott CAA.

What you are circulating things without verifying it?
All the political parties are doing it.

Will you contest election?

Will you join AAP?
I don’t think so.

Do you support Kejriwal?
Yes, one hundred percent. Because he is the only person who is not doing politics of hatred. He is working for all the class. He has done a lot of development in the capital for everyone.

In next generla election who is going to form the election?
It is too early to say. How can someone comment on future. There are several years left. BJP has lost many elections in state.

Do you think that EVMs are rigged?
Yes. But I will say that the responsibility of keeping EVM safe is of centre.

What is your message to the society?
Beware of the people who spread hatred. This country is of all.

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