Ram Temple will bring back glory : Saurav Soni

He will light lamps on Bhumipoojan

New Delhi: Social activist Saurav Soni has said that Ram temple will bring back India’s lost glory. He said that he is very happy that Ram temple is being built at the bank of Saryu River. “Ayyodhya is the soul of our country. Ram is in everyone. We all worship him. Everyone should be happy. Hindu Muslim and all other religion should welcome this step,” Saurav said.

He further said that he salutes everyone whosoever fought for Ram temple. “Many people fought for it in court. Many gave moral support. many launched nationwide movement. I will not name anyone but hundred of thousand have given their everything for it,” said Saurav.

Saurav will decorate his house with lamps on the occasion of BhumiPujan. He has urged everyone to do the same.

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