IYC protested in front of Health Minister’s residence

Youth Congress has got massive public support

New Delhi, 02 August: Indian Youth Congress says that Approximately 1.7 million people in India have been infected with Corona as of today and the risk of its rapid spread is ever increasing but the Central Government does not have any strategy to fight this epidemic. IYC further said that experts say that India is already in the stage of Community Transmission of the disease.

Ironically, instead of fighting the disease with volition and determination, the Central government ministers, including the PM himself are indulging in unnecessary and evasive speeches. It was against this irresponsible attitude of the BJP government that the Indian Youth Congress protested infront of the residence of Union Health Minister Shri Harshvardhan in Delhi at 8, Tees January Marg, asking him and the government to take concrete steps and frame a capable strategy to counter the pandemic. While doing this the Youth Congress wore PPE kits and strictly followed social distancing.

The Youth Congress also protested against the unscientific efforts of the central government in the nation’s fight against Corona. The Prime Minister had asked people to stay in the house for 21 days, but today even after 185 days, 17 lakh people have been infected and this number is increasing by the minute. Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked people to beat utensils and clap to get rid of Corona. Now Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal has made a bizarre statement asking people to eat Bhabhiji Papad to fight Corona. On one hand, while the countrymen are living in perpetual fear of the disease, the scandalous and irresponsible attitude of the Union Minister is astonishing. Youth Congress’s protest was led by Shri Harish Pawar, In-charge of Delhi Youth Congress. On this occasion, he said that “Due to the insensitivity of the Central Government, today the people of India are getting infected with Corona and the Union Government Ministers are insulting the public with unrestrained statements. Ministers making such irresponsible and unrestricted statements must resign or be removed to uphold public confidence in the present government. These impractical statements by Union Ministers and evasive attitude of the Government of the day is costing people their lives.”
In this demonstration of Youth Congress, Vice President of Delhi Youth Congress Ranvijay lochav , along with other officials and activists were also involved.

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