Sunita Budhiraja receives ‘Shreshth Kriti’ ‘Chhap Samman Award 2019’ for ‘Rasraj : Pandit Jasraj’

Delhi- 31st December,2019 Ms. Sunita Budhiraja a senior writer and music scholar is honoured with ‘Shreshth Kriti’ ‘Chhap Samman’ Award 2019, in the non- fiction category from Amar Ujala Foundation for her book ‘Rasraj: Pandit Jasraj’. It is the first biography based on Sangeet Martand Padma Vibhushan Pandit Jasraj’s life. The second chapter of Shabd Samman concluded on 28th December, 2019 in Mumbai in the presence of Oscar-winning Indian film director, lyricist and poet Sampooran Singh Kalra known popularly by his pen name Gulzar and also Gulzar Saab.

Amar Ujala Foundation established seven decorations every year as “Shabd Samman” to honour the great traditions of words and the imperative obligation to underline the best Creations published during a year. ‘Shabd Samman’ was created to recognize those who are working towards preserving the ethos of literature. The award was for recognition of books with a literary value and also for literature with a deep understanding of cultural shifts.

“Rasraj: Pandit Jasraj” provides insights into the life and musical journey of Pandit Jasraj and has incidents and anecdotes from a nine decades of life span of the living legend from the time of his birth to the time he played Tabla and then to his becoming the top most vocalist in Hindustani classical music.

On receiving the award Ms. Sunita Budhiraja expressed, ‘I feel deeply honoured to receive this prestigious award and be recognized by Amar Ujala Foundation. It is really an humbling experience to receive the award by none other than the legendary Shri Gulzar Sahab. I am blessed to have an opportunity to have written the biography of living legend, the Maestro of Indian Classical Music Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj Ji. Listening to Pandit Ji’s music has always been a spiritual experience and to receive the Shreshth Kriti Samman of Amar Ujala Foundation for “Rasraj Pandit Jasraj” is a great moment of my life. I am grateful to Amar Ujala foundation and Jury members for this great recognition.’

Shri Pandit Jasraj Said, ‘It is the first biography on my life and Sunita Budhiraja ji has shown some impeccable hard work and she has authored it very well. She has written an astonishing masterpiece of my life. Her command on Hindi language and the style to write a biographical work in a very interesting manner is astounding. I feel so proud and congratulate Sunita ji on receiving this prestigious Award by Amar Ujala Foundation.’

About Sunita Budhiraja-

Ms. Sunita Budhiraja is an author, poet and entrepreneur, and communications professional with an experience of 40 years.

Sunita Budhiraja is a renowned Hindi poet and author with 11 books to her credit. She has authored the biography of Pt. Jasraj titled “Rasraj Pandit Jasraj. Apart from “Rasraj- Pandit Jasraj”, other works from her pen are “SaatSuron ke Beech” that consists of informal and personal long interviews with legends of Indian music – UstadBismillah Khan, Pt. KishanMaharaj, Pt. Jasraj, Dr M Balamuralikrishna, Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, Pt. BirjuMaharaj and Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia along with “PrashnaPaanchali”, “AadhiDhoop”, “Anuttar” and “Tees ka Safar” to name a few. She has also edited Coffee Table books about Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh. Her works have been translated in English, Rumanian and Telugu.

Sunita has created a Facebook group named SixYardsAnd365Days where woman from across the world participate and post pictures. The virtual campaign has not only gathered a lot of momentum but has already crossed 30,000 members, many of whom religiously wear their hand woven sarees with pride, buy hand-woven sarees, have their photographs clicked in the saree almost every day and post it on the Facebook page of this group. And the number is growing.

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